Lola, 19, French. Gryffindor.

Le vrai maître ne cherche pas à fuir la mort. Il accepte le fait qu'il doit mourir et comprend qu'il y a dans le monde des vivants des choses pires, bien pires, que la mort. - Albus Dumbledore



yall im freaking out a little bit because. this is it. the last time time we’ll all be gushing over a tolkien trailer. the last time we’ll all gather to see a tolkien film in theatres, seeing these stories that have meant so much of us and taught us so much and stolen a…

Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi | ’Person of Interest’ Press Line & Panel at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego


It hangs between them here - “someone you love”. Unsaid, but heard, ringing through both their thoughts, rocking them back on their heels, unknown to each other.

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Why is it so important for female actresses, and male actors, to support this organization (Women In Film)? [x]