Lola, 19, French. Gryffindor.

Le vrai maître ne cherche pas à fuir la mort. Il accepte le fait qu'il doit mourir et comprend qu'il y a dans le monde des vivants des choses pires, bien pires, que la mort. - Albus Dumbledore



and the awkwardest photo of the sherlock cast is….


and the awkwardest photo of the sherlock cast is….

I just found out


that THIS guy from Once Upon  A Time

is also THIS guy from Thor

and that he use to be married to Lara Pulver from Sherlock


Supernatural/NCIS Crossover: When he was still in training Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo had a strange case that left him with more questions than answers. During the course of the investigation he became acquainted with an enigmatic young man named Dean Winchester who seemed to know more than he was letting on. 

He had to let Dean go before he could even begin to solve the mystery but Tony never forgot about Dean Winchester. Over many years and many cases Tony started to build up a file on Dean. He documented all the cases Dean had been involved in, all the bodies that turned up in his wake, and all of his associates. 

Tony’s unsurprised when almost a decade down the line Jimmy Novak, a known associate of Dean’s, turns up to get his help on a case Dean is involved in. He is a little surprised that Jimmy claims to be an angel of the lord called Castiel (that wasn’t in his folder), but when it comes to Dean, Tony has learned to expect the unexpected.